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Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department would like to congratulate  Dr. Eric Heine, Dave Goldberg and our Parks and Facility Maintenance Division especially Superintendent, Kent Johnston, Bart Williams, Carrie Burnette, and Gary Thompson. The Hobbs Disc Golf Course was just voted the number one course in the State of Georgia. I am very proud of everyone involved because this was a great collaborative partnership between the private and public sector. Thank you to everyone involved who made this dream become a reality for our Carrollton Community. Job well done!
Pictured Left to Right: Gary Thompson, Superintendent, Kent Johnston, Bart Williams, Carrie Burnette and Dr. Eric Heine

 Congratulations to the Carrollton GreenBelt for the wonderful article that was in the National Recreation and Parks Association December issue.




October 26, 2016

City of Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department Honors Volunteers

For Immediate Release:

The City of Carrollton is pleased to announce that the Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department recently honored its volunteers of the year with an All-Star Award Banquet for top volunteers at the newly renovated Lakeshore Center.  In the Athletic Division, Jeremy Pullen was awarded the volunteer of the year. His devotion to our department, and his passion with youth sports, sets him a notch above other volunteers. He spends countless hours not only with our athletic division, but, as a Trojan Mentor for our Carrollton City School System.

Athletic Volunteer of the Year for CPRD: Jeremy Pullen


From Left to Right: Julie Ivey, Jeremy Pullen, John Layng, Peter Maierhofer, and Mayor Walt Hollingsworth

In our Program Division, Tonya Pittman was named as the volunteer of the year. Her enthusiasm for our gymnastics team is second to none. She devotes many, many hours as a board member to our Flexette Team. She works on weekends when we host three day gymnastic meets, throughout the year, at the East Carrollton Recreation Center. She loves the program and goes out of her way to help advance the sport of gymnastics in any way possible.

Leisure Program Volunteer of the Year for CPRD: Tonya Pittman


From Left to Right: Ali Trent, Tonya Pittman, Peter Maierhofer, and Mayor Walt Hollingsworth

In our Senior Programs, Grace Miller won the coveted volunteer of the year. Her enthusiasm for nutrition and staying active as a senior, is a breath of fresh air for our vibrant senior progarms. She is 85 years young and is still actively involved and running our diabetic program at our senior center.

Senior Center Volunteer of the Year for CPRD: Grace Miller


From Left to Right:  Danielle Jenkins, Grace Miller, Peter Maierhofer, and Mayor Walt Hollingsworth

In our therapeutic programs, Suzanne Muse brought home the volunteer of the year award. She is involved with our special needs children, helps out with our special events for disabled children, and is an active volunteer with our Special Olympics Program.

Therapeutic Volunteer of the Year for CPRD: Suzanne Muse


From Left to Right: Thomas Sutton, Suzanne Muse, Peter Maierhofer, and Mayor Walt Hollingsworth

In today’s world, government agencies all across this great country are being asked to do more with less. Our department is no different from others when it comes to dealing with taxpayer’s money. Currently, our department has 400 plus volunteers that work in our department throughout the year. Volunteers coach in our Athletic Division with football, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, or even, lacrosse programs. Others prefer to work with our Special Needs Children in our therapeutic programs, with our Senior population, or, maybe you enjoy helping with our gymnastics team as a parent volunteer. Others have helped in our park maintenance division with the parks all around our community, or, volunteer as a person who helps upkeep our Carrollton Greenbelt. “Whatever it is that brought you to our department, our staff thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. If it wasn’t for you, we would not be able to offer all the opportunities that we do for this great town, we call home. I did a study a few years ago. It showed that if we had to pay volunteers, it would cost the department an additional $3 million dollars a year out of our annual budget. This was based on paying them at minimum wage, $7.25 per hour.  I’m confident our volunteers are worth a lot more, but, this helps you begin to understand how valuable they are to our success. They are irreplaceable, stated Peter Maierhofer, Director of the Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department.”


Mayor Walt Hollingsworth, Volunteer Award Winners, and CPRD Staff